Due to his stuning persona and his rich and overwhelming legacy The Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him has always been causing a dilemma to his adversaries from the early days of Daawa up till now . However The Quran was forever there to strenghten his determination and soothe whatever pain he might have felt subsequently . Mohammed is a man who was praised not only by his companions and followers but also by many of his opponents who enjoyed some sanity and common sense .

The film was produced lately and tried to tease the emotions and feelings of Muslims all over the globe was produced by Maurice Sadiq , an anti-Islam Egyptian  Copt living in USA , and directed by Nicola Bassili 55 years old , a crook and a drug dealer who was spending 1 year in a prison in California weeks before launching his film . The actors are a bunch of novice amateurs whom nobody recongnise in Hollywood and who run after money and seize any dirty opportunity to show up . 

Question 1 : What can we expect from people of this kind ?

Question 2 : What makes them so ferociously  attack Islam this way ?

Question 3 : Are we going to confine ourselves – again – to shouting and protesting ?