” .. I was supposed to be lying like a log enjoying what could still have been a dreamless slumber was it not for the damn neighbours dog . I remember having told them to kill the beast or send it to hell a couple of times before tonight but I am sure they wouldn’t listen until I do it myself . The problem is that it was the kind of dogs whose barks are worse than bites . Thieves broke into and stole precious things from the neighbours house at midday and in front of its eyes but it never barks when supposed to do so . Only when a car dives fast along the street or kids kick their ball close to the dirty hut where it lives , would the dog  pretend its fake courage . I had been tolerant for so long but today I thought it was high time I adhered to the criminal drive inside me . I went to the kitchen , opened the cupboard and reached for the upper shelf where I usually keep the poison bottles that my friend who works for the ministry of Agriculture had given me so long ago . They use them to kill enraged dogs and sometimes they serve to  kill mice or cockroaches . I took a piece of meat from the fridge and soaked it in the poison for a while . Indeed ,  it was a dear piece of meat and I had to omit protein from my menu for the following couple of days but it was worth it and I was ready to sacrifice it to kill the fool dog . I opened my flat door and sneaked out though I didn’t have to as the street was dim and empty except from that dog . Greedy and fool as it was , I didn’t have to make much effort enmeshing that beast . It even smiled when I offered the meat . I admit it was the first time I had seen a dog smiling and am sure there will be no second since I believe that dog is just unique . It meant it to be a ‘ thank you smile’ but I knew  it was a ‘good bye smile’ . I closed the door and hid behind the window curtains watching it devour its last meal . The next morning I woke up on the neighbours kids crying aloud . I knew they were mourning the stupid dog . I took a look from behind the curtains and saw the bones from last night’s meat . I admit I felt guilty and dissatisfied for my non-human act but quickly chased that feeling away from my mind , had breakfast put my black glasses and went to work trying as possible to avoid seeing or talking to anyone in the street lest my eyes or tone should disclose the truth . At work , I tried to make myself busy because the face of that dog haunted my mind and flickered non-stop before my eyes . At noon , I was sinking in melancholy  and unwilling to get back home . I even thought of admitting my crime to the neighbours and ask them for the mercy they will never afford . To my shock when I got in front of my flat I heard the same old barks . For a while I thought it was only inside my mind but when I turned I saw the  same old dog with the same old wicked smile on his face . He just didn’t die , after all . I rushed to the cupboard , snatched  the poison bottle and read the label . That bloody dog was really the luckiest animal on earth  because the validity of the poison in that bottle has expired a couple of weeks ago . I rushed out , hugged the dog and filled him with kisses while the neighbours and the passersby looked bedazzled because all of them knew how much I hated him . I mean I had hated him .. ”