” … The following is one the funny moments I have lived during my career as a teacher of English : 
… A student came to me one day . Worried and reluctant as he looked , he approached and asked : 

” Are you good at writing , teacher ? ” 

My first impression was that he was provoking my wrath , which he almost did . Therefore , seeking the right response I was bereft of speech for a while . I had to reply the angry way or the funny way . Yet , when I studied the naivety in his eyes I opted for the funny way . I answered with an artificial smile on my face :

” I got a good mark in the last writing test I was given . But why are you asking ? ” 

He innocently replied : 

” I need you to write me an application letter but without mistakes please ” 

Only then was it quite conspicuous to me that it was the boy’s nature to talk that dumbly and bluntly . I felt pity for him and I replied still with the same artificial smile on my face :

” I will do my best but ( swirti moulana ) , am not very sure I won’t make mistakes ” 

And here comes the funny surprise because when he heard me say ( swirti moulana ) he immediately said : 

” Ok , Ok ! I will ask another teacher . Bye Bye ” 

And he went away leaving my artificially smiling face stunned and bearing dozens of question marks … “