” … This is my story when I discovered the ugly truth of my father. You can’t imagine how much I loved him and always spoke to people about him being the most respectful man ever .. until the day I came to know that that was a big lie as my Dad was actually involved in some dirty affairs including robberies and briberies . I met someone on the train traveling from Marrakech to Casablanca and who happened to be one of my father’s old victims. Of course, he didn’t know I was the son of his enemy and therefore started mentioning names and giving details of how my Dad had robbed him of 150 thousand Dirhams a couple of years ago , and since he had had no tangible proof he had to ( pour water on his stomach ) as we say in Moroccan Arabic . The only consoling sentence my father had told him was : “the law doesn’t protect the stupid , hhh “
I barely heard the rest of his story as my thought was moving adrift trying to find my way out of the worst of a lifetime quagmires . The dilemma was tearing my brain apart , I had to decide whather to still be my father’s son or to believe that freak and be the son of my principles . At that time I felt the man shaking my shoulder hard and saying : ” you know what , am not sorry about what happened to me . I learnt the lesson and am planning to destroy my enemy’s family . I heard he has a son who teaches English and I swear I won’t leave him until I take revenge ” 
Believe me , I was scared and looking for any excuse to change my seat and get rid of that psycho because he made me hate my life in less than half an hour . All of a sudden , the conductor emerged and I thought it was my chance to escape that man by making up any valid or invalid excuse to move to 1st class. The worst of all surprises was that the conductor knew who I was because he was a good friend of my father’s , so when he got closer he greeted me warmly and I was scared he would mention my family name , which he unfortunately did . At that moment I knew that things with the man sitting besides me would have a bad turn,and I was right . When he heard my family name he got enraged and blushed with anger . I tried to explain but he was stronger and quicker . He threw me out of the train window and , believe me, before my body could touch the ground and get shattered into minute pieces, memories with my students flickered on my mind and before my eyes , I knew that was the end but I didn’t shed a single tear . I wanted to face death bravely . When at last my weak body bumped against the solid ground , I didn’t die but I heard my mother gently whispering into my ears: ” you fell from your bed again, son . Was it your regular nightmare ? “