“.. It took me a couple of weeks before I could work up my courage and see my face in the mirror after that terrible happening . It wasn’t easy for me to undergo such a tremendous hardship at such an early age . It’s true that the pain was on the wane few hours after the incident , however I couldn’t forgive that man and woman dressed in white and pretending to be gentle . Their faces haunted my mind during the days that followed . They took advantage of my naivety at the time , injected me and I went dizzy on the spot but I still could feel their cruelty as they were forcing my head down and approaching me with their little razor sharp knives . I thought I was screaming but no one came for help . I fought and resisted but the woman was too strong to defeat and I was too weak to defend . She took care of getting me motionless while the man was in charge of cutting and blood shedding . I wondered how many people were enmeshed into this frightening room which still contained some pictures of human body remainders all around its walls . I grew weary and helpless and fell unconscious for I don’t kow exactly how much time . When I recovered , I saw the man and woman smiling and offering me some flowers. My mother was also there, she bent over my face and gave me a warm affectionate kiss as if she were apologising for not being there when I begged for help . She smiled and moved her eyes towards the table next to me as if she wanted to show me something , then said :

” it’s all over now, son . There will be no pain after today ” 

I reached for the handkerchief on the table , it was stained red (with my blood , of course) . When I unfolded it open there was my tooth in it . I heard the dentist and his assistant say : 

” Congratulations but we hate to see your face over here again” 

hhhh . This story will always remind me of the taugh fighter I was !