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The Prophet

Due to his stuning persona and his rich and overwhelming legacy The Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him has always been causing a dilemma to his adversaries from the early days of Daawa up till now . However The Quran was forever there to strenghten his determination and soothe whatever pain he might have felt subsequently . Mohammed is a man who was praised not only by his companions and followers but also by many of his opponents who enjoyed some sanity and common sense .

The film was produced lately and tried to tease the emotions and feelings of Muslims all over the globe was produced by Maurice Sadiq , an anti-Islam Egyptian  Copt living in USA , and directed by Nicola Bassili 55 years old , a crook and a drug dealer who was spending 1 year in a prison in California weeks before launching his film . The actors are a bunch of novice amateurs whom nobody recongnise in Hollywood and who run after money and seize any dirty opportunity to show up . 

Question 1 : What can we expect from people of this kind ?

Question 2 : What makes them so ferociously  attack Islam this way ?

Question 3 : Are we going to confine ourselves – again – to shouting and protesting ?


The evil mother

Having nursed his sick father for two long years, Ramzi felt no longer capable of doing so especially that his wife has been nagging at him for quite a while now. She had never been in good terms with the old man even before he caught ill. There had always existed a dormant enmity between them both, which actually dates back to the day Ramzi had decided to propose to Sophie. His father stongly opposed the proposition from the very beginning without explaining his reasons. And whenever his son asked him to clarify, the old man would either refrain from doing so or simply say:

” it’s only a question of feelings my son. I don’t really feel comfortable about her, that’s all” . Of course that was not the real reason Ramzi was to uncover later.

His official commitments, his professional tight shedules in addition to his unwelcoming spouse have made separation a fact. And since he had no brother or sister Ramzi thought a shelter was a perfect idea. However, he had to find valid excuses to  face his father with. He was also anxious about the neighbours’  expected teasing comments but his wife seemed to be hell of a woman. She suggested that they should leave the house for a couple of months and claim the father’s death when they return.

It was very bright an idea and it worked well. They have received much sincere  sympathy and many warm condoleances since they have come back. Meanwhile, the father was spending what looked like the worst days of his life among many other “oldies” like himself.

Ramzy had promised to pay his father a visit every forthnight at least. Alas, that was a mere promise.

It wasn’t before his seventh month in the shelter that the father heard his name being uttered among those who had visitors. He was shocked and tears filled his eyes. He had actually been longing, in vain, for that visit during the first weeks of his stay that he got convinced later that he would never be visited. When he came out to the visitors’ room, which he saw for the first time, he was astonished at the sight of many parents or grand parents being taken care of by children or grand children. His eyes swiftly roamed around the corners of the room before he saw his son. The son approached and was about to justify his long absence but the father cut him short and moved his eyes off him and smile to his grand son.

Ramzay had a cute son who insisted on coming as he loved his grand father very much.

” Did you miss your grandpa? ” He asked.

” I never believed you were dead grandpa ”  replied the boy innocently , then he burst out crying.

Ramzay blushed and felt embarrassed  and tried to muffle the voice of  innocence with some lies  ” The boy has been seeing that in his dreams “

The old man put his index on his mouth as a hush sign. Ramzay stood still and silent and was all ears. The father sighed deeply and said: “you never knew why I was against your marriage to Sophie”

” you never  told me dad” answered Ramzay and was hoping to get an answer.

The old man raised his head to the sky and said  ” I never liked Sophie because I was afraid history would repeat itself”

” How comes !”  commented Ramzay who didn’t seem to understand .

The man said ” she had just the same face your late mother had when she was her age”

” so what ?! ” answered Ramzay  ” then you should be happy with that”

” I was afraid she would carry the same evil inside” said the father as he shook his head  with sorrow.

” Do you mean my mother was .. ” said Ramzay irritated.

”  Yes, she was.  She was reponsible for my sending your grand father out of the house and your wife Sophie did likewise.  In fact she did worse . Your mother kept urging me to lodge your grand father in a cabin outdoors that was mainly the gardners shelter ”  the old man’s face carried a mixture of feelings as he was saying this.

” I never imagined that the same story would happen again”  the old man continued.

” why don’t you leave my grandpa live with us daddy ?”  begged the boy.

Hearing the boy begging, the old man could no longer control his tears and said in a weary muffled voice: ” you begged me the same way to let your grandfather stay with us in the house but I answered that you were still young and that you would understand better when you grow up.”

” it seems that you followed my advice son. Now, you understand enough to lodge me where I belong ” said the old man as he covered his face with his hands and broke itno a flood of tears

My Pharaoh bracelet

I used to love Marrakesh city very much. I still remember a quick walk I had in one of the traditional Souks there when I was 9 years. I was in the company of my parents, my brother, my elder sister and her husband. We were on the way back from Ouarzazat , a small city very much known for her famous international film studio called Atlas. It didn’t take longer than 50 minutes during which my father was reminding us to hurry up and to keep our purchases to a minimum. I bought a nice bracelet and a pair of sandals.  The bracelet was nicely engraved with the name and picture of Ramses : The Egyptian Pharaoh, while the sandals were made of genuine leather ornamented  with silver-like small buttons.

    As you know, women are very much slower and more squandering when it comes to shopping, which irritated my father whose main concern was the 260 Km we still had to drive forward to Casablanca. He was not very experienced at dealing with long distances and had the  uneasy feeling that things would take a turn for the worse.

   Was it due to the bitter sensation of leaving my grand parents behind or is it the annoying premonition that drivers as novice as my father was always have?  That I could never tell ..  . Honestly !

   Hardly had we headed off towards Casablanca when the car broke down and to everybody’s surprise my father burst out laughing. Yet, nobody dared to ask him about the reason. The radiator had been leaking out of  water for quite a while that it overheated. A dark cloud of smoke appeared when father  uncapped the car engine. We had to wait almost two hours before the leakage could be fixed. My mother was grumbling almost half the time we were waiting. We got home too late that day and although it was only 3 hours far from Casablanca, I never had another chance to visit Marrakesh during the couple of decades that followed.

    In 2009 I went back but this time I had to go as a teacher not a tourist. I was appointed there and all my zeal and love for the city shrank with the first ride I had in a cab. The driver didn’t stop complaining about the traffic which spoils the air and the foreigners’ provoking nudity which seemed to stain the purity and spontaneity of the natives. The prices which have been growing by leaps and bounds since the regular invasion of tourists had started, and Jamaa Elfena which has been losing its originality and glamour since unskilled story-tellers and thieves had found their way to it. The natives who cold-bloodedly started selling their large traditional Ryads to people who don’t care too much about a culture they simply don’t belong to . The driver still had more things to talk to me about but to my good luck the journey came to end and the man had to pull over so I can get off the vehicle.

  Chances are his talk was only a warm try to break the ice with which he also broke in minutes a beautiful image I bore in mind for twenty years. The image of the charming Marrakesh.

I lost my Pharaoh bracelet 3 months after I had bought it. I never knew how and where.

What makes matters worse is that Marrakesh is no more a good place to pay a reasonable price for  such a lovely bracelet . Those antiques are no longer made for natives.

Yet, I have never hated Marrakesh for what it is as much as I have for what it has become.


Digital Textbooks

Just how much will digital text books shake up education and what do they look like?

Digital Textbooks. A revolution or a mere phenomenon.

Well, fantastic, on the evidence of LoE. Opening with an inspiring, attention-grabbing video, it is incredibly immersive. The content is excellent with plenty of text and images. There are more videos to watch, imbedded interactive Keynote presentations and a quiz at the end of the second chapter. It was certainly a very satisfying experience and I would have loved to have had one of these when I was at school many moons ago. Could digital textbooks be the future?

Many students dislike having to carry around piles of heavy books – in fact sometimes they dislike doing it so much they purposely leave them at home! Digital textbooks would make this a problem of the past. Students would only need to bring an iPad to school, something that many are doing anyway in some educational institutions.

Another big problem with textbooks, as we all know, is that they are often out of date as soon as they are printed but going digital would negate the need to constantly purchase the most up-to-date physical version of a text. With Apple’s latest technology, textbooks can be revised via an update in iBooks. This has got to be a good thing.

Chances are tablets and itextbooks will bring too much gloss and glamour to the classroom but still they won’t afford a modicum of special intimacy that real textbooks do. The physical contact with real textbooks is not to be considered meaningless. At least it makes students feel that the information is tangible and within reach as long as they can hold the textbook in their hands and scan or skim through the pages , which in pedagogy parlance would be quite similar to Realia.

My first worry is that certain companies will be enjoying a bonanza by taking advantage of youths blind keenness on purchasing tablets. Another thing to worry about is the educational content which I would claim won’t amount to the degree of earnestness demanded to keep students focus. As a matter of fact, youths  are easily  enmeshed in the charm of technology that they can’t draw a line between learning and playing.  Therefore, presenting the content colorfully and so amazingly won’t meet the educational ends as much I as it does the commercial ones.

Did you say A Car ?!!

You are kinda old-fashioned if you’re one of those who still believe that a car is solely a means of transport. The ancestors of our grandfathers’ grandparents had never thought there would exist such a hing as a “car” . Their descendants , however , were too ambitious to believe that camels, horses and donkeys were likely to be replaced by somehing else which is both faster and more comfortable. However, their imagination would never have gone anywhere close to the type of cars I am telling you about.

A leading German company is designing a luxury car for a wealthy Saudi buisinessman. The company specializes in making cars with particular standards for millionaires and celebrities . And it has been declared in – a site which provides the latest cars news – that the car will be supplied with such utilities as a bathroom, a W.C, a bedroom , in addition to a wired conference room witha  fax and an LCD which broadcast international TV channels.

It’s worth noting that the care is a Mercedes family size. Yet, the company hasn’t announced the customer’s name as it was considered a professional secret. Another particular thing about this company is the price which never goes below 160.000 Dollars.

Click i f you want to see the car and know about its price.


What is wrong with this category of citizens which is supposed to be the beating heart of society ?

Why is it that they are all the time accused of recklessness and irresponsibility and never try to change ?

In some respects, most of what is said about Youth is true. As human beings,  they are even worse than they appear to you. I am trying, however, neither to praise nor to stigmatise them. I am discussing their case in terms of the phenomenon they have become rather than the individuals they are.  Youngsters will always prove faulty and imperfect If adults keep looking at them with the same mature eye. It seems quite ufair to judge them in isolation to the ups and downs and to the occuring changes in society. Even the criteria that were once adopted to gauge the correctness and aptitude of their behaviour are no longer considered in the updated list. The good or bad reactions are no longer judged in terms of how bad or good they are but rather in comparison to how more or  less frequently  they occur. The fact that smoking is a bad habit is no longer determined by religion but by the number of smokers who die of cancer.

Great expectations .. shamefull performance

Derailed but struggling .

It’s mainly because more and more entertainment is provided through the net and other channels, that youths are developing a penchant for absurd and irresponsibility. So, prior to accusing them, I think everyone else should be accused who have hands in turning the media into a tasteless destructive tool, the public life into a frustrating ring and the common man into an opportunist ego. How comes that society condemns youths for dreaming about fortune without working hard, while there are many adults who make fortunes everyday without doing anything at all. How comes that society disapproves of youths sense of egoism and irresponsibility while many adult parents leave their kids to escape responsibility and commitment . For this reason, youngsters will continue to deem adults subjective and the gap will continue to grow wider.

World Food Day

To mark World Food Day on Tuesday, the state administration of grain proposed that all employees in the grain sector voluntarily abstain from eating for 24 hours in order to experience how important food is. From China Daily.

National Committee for World Food Day offices in Washington, D.C.

It reflects a big sense of responsibility and gratefulness to think this way. Not only does it remind us of the importance of food but also of the thousands of needy starving human beings around the world who barely find something to eat.

 ‘ Ramadan ‘ the month during which Muslims abstain from eating and drinking everyday from sunrise to sunset perfectly conveys this meaning.

In fact,   we ought to behave likewise in recognition of many other graces that we are carelessly abusing. Don’t talk, see, sleep or drink for  one full day in order to sense how precious life is and how generous God is.

You certainly have lived a troublesome day at least once in your life because of some mistakes you made, and swore you would become a new person once you get out of trouble. Yet, when you’re clean and safe you got back the person you were before the problem. We, humans are kinda forgetful. We remember things only after we lose them.

So take of your planet, your life, your talents and  your kindreds  before you lose them one day.

مدرستي الحلوة

مدرستي الحلوة .. مدرستي الحلوة

Madrassti lhilwa.. My sweet school

Everyone remembers the first song that Moroccan schools taught us in the first year and maybe in the first day. The song entitled ‘ My sweet school ’ or  ‘ Madrassti Lhilwa ’  which was a paean to school and education . Some of us even learnt it before they started school as they certainly heard it enthusiastically sung by an elder brother, sister or by another kid in the neighbouring home or street. Due to endless parroting and overuse this song has become something of a cliché and has lost most of its sweetness and originality. Worse than that, it has led many students to question the credibility of what they were taught and the way they were taught it because  few years later they realize they were only repeating words they couldn’t fathom and they grow aware that school was not a paradise as it was described in the lyrics. Attending early classes, studying subjects you are not very much fond of,  having to cope with pre-exam tension, having to bear your teachers and parents sever reprimand after every low grade you get, being subject to detention and sometimes suspension and so forth.
I still wonder ; How does all that symbolise sweetness ?
It seems that he was right whoever wrote those lyrics since he was only describing the momentary zeal that we all had as we stood on the threshold of that unknown career which starts with a step into the classroom. Likewise, school hasn’t been fun for the majority of teachers who after having spent several years in class concluded that teaching was not their cup of tea. It’s worth noting, however, that for many many other people school experience has really been enjoyable. Was it a stroke of luck or did they have the magic wand?!  I don’t know .
Yet ..  Sweetness is in the eye of the beholder. That .. I Do know.

Crowd psychology

  • Silence of the lambs

Silence of the lambs

Ordinary people can gain direct power and legitimacy by choosing to act collectively as they instinctively believe they can’t be heard or noticed otherwise. Due to an inner sense of inferiority, a large segment of society prefers to suffer silently either because of fear or lack of self-confidence and in both cases they remain the lambs whose biggest dream is not make noise as they breathe lest they should be noticed by wolves. Thus, they consider silence to be  a blessing to them because the more silent they keep, the safer they stay. Yet, when each of these weak individuals grows aware of the existence of other patterns similar to his, they reach an incredible amount of self-denial and then their actions start to converge towards a collective behaviour of a crowd made of like-minded individuals, which results in a lethal mental unity. 

  • Investing Crowd behaviour

Masses : The lethal mental unity

Although crowds are characterized by coherence and unity, they are liable to run off the rails because self-denial which was the first step towards forming the crowd engenders an apparent loss of self-control among individuals and the crowd tends to direct itself towards ends which were not initially planned for. The focus of mass psychology is not the peson. It’s not what the person says or want. Only few members in the crowd know what they want and how to achieve it by influencing and directing the masses towards actions and reactions which might not reflect the true objectives of every single individual in the crowd. Only the voice of the crowd prevails but  it does not necessarily express the choices of the individuals. Crowd behaviour is most of the time invested to serve ideologies and orientations that the common man hardly know about. Politicians can serve their agendas and mass media can make money using mass psychology. Even leaders and presidents seek strength and ligitimacy by identifying with the masses choices and aspirations ; the recent Arab Revolutions are a good illustration of this.


Forming a bond with a step child can be the taughest and most embarrassing task a step parent has to meet. In fact, most of the burden stems from being artificial all along the way. Step parents are often accused of not behaving naturally. Their kindness is seen as hypocrisy when they’re  too kind,  and their constructive firmness is often taken for rigidity and harshness.  They can be loved on sight or hated forever. It all depends on the step child who can be few months or thirty years old. This is why most step parents try their energy at winning their step children sympathy. However, blinded by the determination to achieve that  goal, they might commit mistakes which only make matters worse.

The step parents’ relation with or attitude about the absent parent can forge or break the connection with the step child.  Most step parents try to take the place of the absent parent in case they’re dead or to stigmatise them if they are alive but chose to stay elsewhere, which is not fruitful at all because even if it is likely to improve the relation with the child in the short term, it ruins mutual trust as they start to grow up. Step parenting doesn’t mean conquesting the child’s mind and history and it doesn’t suggest isolating these , likewise. It’s all about harmlessly introducing oneself as a new member of the household. This is often easier said than done, as many many step parents have to face hostility from the absent parent, stubbornness from the step child and indifference from the partner whose cooperation and support are supposed to soften much of the hardship. Yet, there is till hope that the following recommendations may help step parents figure it out :

  • Determination, patience and tolerance are fundamental key words.
  • If you’re a step parent, always remember you are not a real parent and consequently don’t behave as one.
  • Focus on shared activities and try to recognise their skills and praise their achievements.
  • Make comments even if they’re not approved of and ask questions even if they’re not responded to.
  • In case of disagreement, don’t argue with the partner especially if it has to do with discipline and education.
  • Broach whatever sensitive subject away from the step children and try not damage the partner’s authority nor denigrate the absent parent.

Conscious spending

“A Man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford let alone.”

The above quote  by  the American author Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) is applicable to all segments of society because everybody seems to speak the same language when it comes to money . It is akin to advice from financial experts who encourage conscious spending , applying income to prioritized goals, and enjoying the most of  life by getting  the most pleasure out of money earned. A huge number of people buy what they don’t need either to show off or to respond to amazing commercial appeal. On the other hand, shops and supermarkets try their best at luring consumers into buying objects of less or no priority. For this reason, paying frequent visits to super or hyper markets is not deemed sound enough especially by those who have multiple financial comittments or big  households who are forcedl to eke out their already scanty savings through the month.

In fact, banks and financial companies make use of every useful strategy to trap as many victims as they could by giving loans with appealing payment facilities or by issuing credit cards for students, jobless youth and under paid workers.  Some statistics has showed that Americans now owe more than $65 billion to credit card companies, an average of $11,000 per family, and when they are no longer capable of paying the bills the banks try to mend the situation by reselling  the ir  mortgages to other customers, as such the same product can be sold twice or thrice or even more, which leads it to lose its initial value . I think it’s high time we set up some sort of self-control and reconsidered our attitudes towards buying and paying.

When I was a kid ..

When I was a kid …

It’s not only about me and you but it seems to be about the childhood of almost everyone of us . One beautiful thing about being a child is that you refuse to go to bed every time you’re asked to , and so incredible how you grow that penchant for rebuffing the propsal everynight that it becomes a terrible habit that your parents forcefully strive against . However , the thing that is more incredible than your running away from bed is that few moments later you end up falling asleep on the floor , the sofa , the carpet , the chair , in your daddy arms or mommy’s bosom or elsewhere, but one thing is certain : when you get up in the morning you find yourself gently covered and warm in your bed .. , and you don’t know how it happened .

Remember yourself yelling non-stop because you saw a toy in the hands of another child and craved for it  despite the fact that you had better and more expensive toys at home . It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive that toy is , all that matters  is joining it to the dozens of toys you seldom use . Another beautifully innocent picture is that where you can’t wait until tomorrow comes to wear your new outfit especially during special days and celebrations , those nights seemed to be the longest you ever had and you had the impression that those few hours were an eternity .

Gender at school

The following topic has preoccupied educationalists for decades as there doesn’t seem to be a unique pattern of behaviour among each of the two sexes. Such factors as physiology, environment , and social norms might influence girls and boys in different places around the world. While , in general , home background makes big difference to boys, girls tend to be more resilient and do better at concealing the traces of negative parenting and they’re even more capable of drawing lines between school performace and outside annoying factors . 

Does gender really matter ?

A study held by some educational researchers has found that boys who were raised outside the traditional two-parent family are more likely to display behavioural and self-control problems and get frequently suspended , an effect which appears to be significantly less strong in girls brought up in similar conditions. Of course , this was in no way meant to stigmatise single families but rather to show how different these kind of families really are in terms of how much time they spend with their kids and how they spend it .

A Moroccan primary classroom

According to the few years I have spent in class as a teacher of English , I think that the Moroccan context has known a tremendous shift in the overall educational paradigm. A couple of decades girls didn’t seem to enjoy the same schooling privileges as boys did. Then , reluctant procedures were being put into actions to allow more girls in . Yet , with the beginning of the new millennium girls’ educational achievements showed more commitment from their part while boys went on falling behind their female counterparts no matter what efforts practitioners and teachers have been doing to put both sexes on an equal footing .


What Does Autism Mean?

People usually call it autism (say: aw-tih-zum), but the official name is autism spectrum disorders. Why? Because doctors include autism in a group of problems that kids can have, including Asperger syndrome and others. These problems happen when the brain develops differently and has trouble with an important job: making sense of the world. Every day, our brains interpret (understand) the things we see, smell, hear, taste, touch, and experience. But when someone’s brain has trouble interpreting these things, it can make it hard to talk, listen, understand, play, and learn.

Kids with autism often can’t make connections that other kids make easily. For example, when people smile, you know they feel happy or friendly; when people look mad, you can tell by their face or their voice. But many kids who have autism spectrum disorders have trouble understanding what emotions look like and what another person is thinking. They might act in a way that seems unusual, and it can be hard to understand why they’re doing it.

Kids health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 88 kids has an autism spectrum disorder, but no one knows what causes them. Scientists think that there’s a connection to genetics (something to do with a kid’s genes) and the environment. Some kids might be more likely to get autism because it runs in their families. Other kids get it even if nobody in their family has these types of problems.

Knowing the exact cause of autism is hard because the human brain is very complicated. The brain contains more than 100 billion nerve cells called neurons (say: nur-ahns). Each neuron may have hundreds or thousands of connections that carry messages to other nerve cells in the brain and body. The connections and the chemical messengers they send (called neurotransmitters) keep the neurons working as they should. When they do, you can see, feel, move, remember, experience emotions, communicate, and do lots of other important stuff.

In the brain of a kid with autism, some of those cells and connections don’t develop normally or don’t get organized like they’re supposed to. Scientists are still trying to understand how and why this happens.

The Talmud Unmasked

استعفر الله استغفارا وتعالى الله علوا كبيرا عن الذي سوف تقراه في هذا المقال , لكننا لم نجد بدا من فضح عقيدة التلمود التي تزخر بالسفاهات والترهات  والتجاوزات في حق الذات الالهية والانبياء والملائكة المقربين . ان اليهود بحق جنس بشري وضيع لايحفظ حرمة لاحد

ما هو التلمود؟

يدعي اليهود أن موسى عليه السلام ألقى التلمود على بني إسرائيل فوق طور سيناء ،وحفظه عند هارون ، ثم تلقاه من هارون ( يوشع) ،ثم( إليعازر) وهلم جرا …حتى وصل الحاخام يهوذا حيث وضع التلمود بصورته الحالية في القرن الثاني قبل الميلاد وذلك على ما يزعمون، والحقيقة أن التلمود هو موسوعة تضم كل شئ عن هواجس و خرافات بني إسرائيل. ويعطي اليهود – عليهم لعنة الله – التلمود أهمية كبرى لدرجة أنهم يعتبرونه الكتاب الثاني ، والمصدر الثاني للتشريع ، حتي أنهم يقولون “أنه من يقرأ التوراة بدون المشنا و الجمارة فليس له إله‍‍‍‍‍” والمشناة و الجمارة هما جزءا التلمود. وكلمة التلمود كلمة عبرية تعني الشريعة الشفوية و التعاليم ، وهو كتاب تعليم الديانة اليهودية لكل ما فيها من رموز و شطحات وسفاهات وأحقاد على العالم

بعض مما جاء في التلمود من سفاهات

جاء في تلمود أولاد الشياطين:” إن الله إذا حلف يميناً غير قانونية احتاج إلى من يحله من يمينه،وقد سمع أحد الإسرائيليين الله تعالى يقول:من يحلني من اليمين التي أقسم بها؟ ولما عَلمَ باقي الحاخامات أنه لم يحله منها اعتبره حماراً (أي الإسرائيلي) لأنه لم يحل الله من اليمين، ولذلك نصبوا مَلكاً بين السماء والأرض اسمه(مى)، لتحل الله من أيمانه ونذوره عند اللزوم

تقدس الله عن ذلك سبحانه جل جلاله

وجاء كذلك افتراءً وبهتاناً من اليهود الكاذبين الشياطين في تلمودهم اللعين: “يتندم الله على تركه اليهود في حالة التعاسة حتى أنه ( وحاشا لله) يلطم ويبكى كل يوم ، فتسقط من عينيه دمعتان في البحر ، فيسمع دويهما من بدء العالم إلي أقصاه ، وتضرب المياه وترتجف الأرض في أغلب الأحيان ، فتحصل الزلازل

“وقد اعترف الله بخطئه في تصريحه بتخريب الهيكل فصار يبكى ويمضى ثلاثة أجزاء الليل يزأر كالأسد قائلاً : تباً لي [اللهم تباً لهم عليهم اللعنة!] لإني صرحت بخراب بيتي و إحراق الهيكل ونهب أولادي…”!!!!.

“إن النهار اثنتا عشرة ساعة.. في الثلاث الأولى يجلس الله ويطالع الشريعة ، وفي الثلاث الثانية يحكم ، وفي الثلاث الثالثة يطعم العالم، وفي الثلاث الأخيرة يجلس ويلعب مع الحوت ملك الأسماك”.

إن لله وإنا إليه راجعون ، وأستغفر الله ، تعاليت يا ربى عن ذلك علوًا كبيراً فأنت الله الكبير المتعال .. وانظر للتناقض ، والمجنون العقلي ، والشذوذ والسفالة اليهودية .. فهذا أحد مجرميهم مناحر يقول:

“إنه لا شغل لله في الليل غير تعليمه التلمود مع الملائكة ، ومع اسموديه ملك الشياطين في مدرسة السماء …”. إلى هذه الدرجة من الأجرام والجرأة وصل حال اليهود .. هؤلاء اليهود ألاَ يستوجب الأمر القضاء عليهم ، واستئصال شأفتهم من الأرض ؟‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍!! ‍‍اللهم عجل بنايتهم.‍‍‍

ويقول التلمود اللَعين عن المسيح عيسى ابن مريم عليه السلام : “يسوع الناصرى ابن غير شرعي حملته أمه وهى حائض سفاحاً من العسكري (بانذار) وهو كذاب ومجنون و مضلل وساحر و مشعوذ ووثني ومخبول “. [وحاشا لله أن يكون عبده ورسوله عيسى ابن مريم كما يفترون].

ويقول التلمود : “مات يسوع كبهيمة ودفن في كومة قمامة …”. ولذلك نجد أن الله تعالى سيسلط على ملكهم المنتظر الذي يكدون ويشقون ويضحون من أجل ( ويؤمن البعض بأن هذا الملك المنتظر هو المسيخ الدجال!) تتويجه ملكاً على بني صهيون ، سيسلط الله عليه عيسى عليه السلام ، فيقتله شر قتلة عند باب لد ، ويضع هو و المسلمون السيف في اليهود حتى يقضوا عليهم بإذن الله والأمر قد قرب !!

وجاء في التلمود أيضاً‍‍ : “يحل اغتصاب الطفلة غير اليهودية متى بلغت من العمر ثلاث سنوات .. وهب الله [وحاشا الله] اليهود حق السيطرة والتصرف بدماء جميع الشعوب وما ملكت”.

“ومن يسفك دم غير يهودي فإنما يقدم قرباناً للرب”.

“اليهود بشر لهم إنسانيتهم ، أما الشعوب الأخرى فهي عبارة عن حيوانات”.

“وبيوت غير اليهود حظائر بهائم نجسة ، بأنهم جميعاً كلاب و خنازير”.

فهذا هو الشعب المبارك ، شعب الله المختار على زعمهم قربانهم لله سفك الدماء ، واغتصاب الأطفال ، وغيرهم كلاب وخنازير ، ومنازلهم حظائر قذرة .. مع أن الحقيقة المرئية أن بيوت اليهود على ما رأيت أنا شخصياً في بلاد شتى أقذر المنازل وأنتنها ، والظاهرة العالمية أنهم يسكنون الحارات الدنية الضيقة (الغوتا) ولحكمة كما يزعمون …!!

ومن السخافات الفاجرة الوقحة والكفر الصراح الوارد في التلمود أنهم يقولون : “إن الله يستشير الحاخامات على الأرض عندما توجد مسألة عويصة لا يمكن حلها في السماء”!

ويقولون أيضاً : “إن تعاليم الحاخامات لا يمكن نقضها ولا تغيرها حتى بأمر الله”. وفي لتلمود يزعمون : أن إلههم يهوه يغفر لهم في عيد الغفران (الكيبور) كل سيئاتهم نحو الآخرين الأمميين ومقدم مغفور العام القادم ، بل هو عمل مبرر إلا أن يكون الإجرام في حق يهودي .. ولذا من يقتل يهودياً كمن قتل الناس جميعاً “

ويقول لتلمود: “إن اليهودي أحب إلى الله من الملائكة فالذي يصفع اليهودي كمن يصفع العناية الإلهية سواء بسواء”… والعياذ بالله ما أكفركم من خلق .. هؤلاء اليهود.

ويقول التلمود لعنة الله عليه وعلى من وضعوه وكتبوه : “اليهودي من جوهر الله كما أن الولد من جوهر أبيه”.

ومن تعاليم اليهودية : أن المرأة اليهودية إذا خرجت من الحمام ووقع نظرها على غير يهودي ، أو كلب أو حمار أو خنزير أو برص فلابد أن ترجع وتغتسل مرة أخرى”.

ومن أقبح ما جاء في التلمود البابلي قولهم : “من رأى أنه يجامع أمه فسيؤدى الحكمة .. ومن رأى أنه يجامع أخته فسيأتيه نور العقل”.

ويقول التلمود : “ولولا اليهود لارتفعت البركة من الأرض واحتجبت الشمس وانقطع المطر”.

والتلمود يبيح لليهودية أن تزني بغير اليهودي ، ولا حرج ولو كانت متزوجة ، كما يصرح للرجل اليهودي أن يزني بغير اليهودية ، ولو أمام زوجته ما دامت الزانية من الجوييم .. أي غير اليهود .. ولذا فهم أهل العرى والعهر في العالم ، ويروجون من خلال وسائل الإعلام لكل ما يحث على الرذيلة والفساد.

وجاء في التلمود ما افتروه كذباً وبهتاناً على أبى الأنبياء إبراهيم عليه السلام : “إن إبراهيم أكل أربعة وسبعين رجلاً وشرب دماءهم دفعة واحدة ولذلك كانت له قوة أربعة وسبعين رجلاً!!”.

وجاء في التلمود كذلك : “إن آدم عاشر ليليا عشرة زوجيه مائه وثلاثين سنة .. وليليا هذه شيطانه .. وقد أنجبت له شياطين وأقزاماً … وأما حواء فقد عاشرت شيطاناً مائة وثلاثين سنة معاشرة زوجية وأنجبت للشيطان ذرية”.. تأملوا بالله عليكم هذا الفُجر والخيل اليهودي بما يعتقده خنازير بنى صهيون من خرافات وشركيات وإجرام .. أليس يدل على ذلك أنهم منا كير ملاعين أنجاس!!

وجاء أيضا في التلمود : “يجب على كل يهودي أن يلعن كل يوم النصارى ثلاث مرات ، ويطلب من الله أن يبيدهم ويفني ملوكهم وحكامهم ، وعلى الكهنة اليهود أن يصلوا ثلاث مرات بغضا للمسيح الناصري!”

وجاء أيضا: “والجحيم أوسع من النعيم ستين مرة … لأن الذين لا يغسلون سوى أيديهم وأرجلهم كالمسلمين ، والذين لا يختتنون كالمسيحيين الذين يحركون أصابعهم يبقون هناك”!!

وذكر أيضا : ” فإذا مات خادم ليهودي أو خادمة ، وكانا من المسحيين فلا يلزمك أن تقدم له التعازي بصفة كونه قد فقد إنسانا… ولكن بصفة كونه قد فقد حيوانا من الحيوانات لمسخرة له”!!!!.

Question of the Day 27

: اكمل قوله صلى الله عليه وسلم

: عن أَبِى هُرَيْرَةَ  أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ  قَالَ
« إِنَّ لِلَّهِ تِسْعَةً وَتِسْعِينَ اسْمَا  …………..  مَنْ أَحْصَاهَا دَخَلَ الْجَنَّةَ »

Question of the Day 20

Question of the Day 16

Question of the Day 7

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