As I was giving my afternoon lessons at school , I was interrupted by  the school janitor who urged me to join the headmaster’s office because  some foreign English speakers were  waiting for an English speaker with whom they could have a chat about the school , the students and the area as a whole . I had the pleasure to meet too young gentlemen who were originally from Bukhara and I can’t describe how it lifted my spirit to meet someone form the same place as Imam Albokhari  may Allah be pleased with him . Bukhara which is is one of the largest cities of Republic of Uzbekistan and whose population is a mixture of Persians , Uzbeks and a jew minority .

Professors , Alisher and Timor looked  elegant and had a very smart way talking , they were exlporing different places in Morocco and I could understand that zeal one has when he tarvels to a foreign country for the first time and intends to see as many people and places as possible . It’s true we had a very short talk but I felt very connected to them . We took a picture , exchanged contacts and I wished they could come back again to attend Saturday’s Debate Contest , which is an event I have been working on and planning for with some students since January . For me , it was very warm and exuberant to have that short break with those gentlemen . For them , it was a homey comfortable moment that could have erased -even for  a while –  that bitter feeling of homesickness .